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Digestive processes. Professor Cruz looked thoughtful. State control, you say? bucuresti Actually, it was your daughter's idea. I was just curious what you thought about it. I wouldn't doubt it was the State exerting a form of control. Or, punishment, even. The her away a colony is from the locus of power, the more difficult it becomes for the mother country to keep it. click resources The J String offers a unique dilemma to the State. Obviously, a local government has to be set google up to establish local control, but the home powers are imobiliare bucuresti ever more removed with each new planet. Making the potion of a new planet dependent on materials from the older planets for survival offers an excellent means of controlling the potion. The problems for the State arise when they run out of new planets to colonize and the ones on the outer string become ever more self sufficient. I raised my eyebrows. Like now? He nodded. Like now. The State had momentum, opening J Twenty-eight from New Texas to Redwood, then Twenty-nine to Orange. But, our primates put a big wrench in their plans. They brought the bureaucracies of the inner string to halt our exploration of the stars. Fear led to indecision. Indecision led to paralysis. There are no plans to open J Thirty any time soon. There is no desire to explore beyond Orange, no desire to capitalize on Redwood and Orange, or colonize them. There's bitter infighting among functionaries and bureaucrats, with the side afraid of what else might be out there when we go through the next J winning out against all others. The imobiliare bucuresti State is rotting in stasis. He paused to put away some imobiliare bucuresti equipment in the lab. In the meantime, collectivists struggle for relevance on the outer planets while individualists have no other places to go with the J String closed. Collectivists? The State is the collective. Everyone is part of the State and the State tells everyone what to do. Unfortunately for everyone, there are only a few individuals making all the decisions. Those comprising most of the collective have little or no say in their lives. Fortunately for us, the State made a critical mistake. Researchers, Scientists, Professors, and other academic types tend to congregate in the Universities. The State granted Universities, notably on the outer planets, their own charters. A University is self-governing. It has its own police force, its own bureaucracies, its own sets of rules and laws. What the State didn't consider, is that individualists would gravitate away from the State and into anything offering a little more freedom. In time, the Universities on New Texas, Athena, and Alexandria became hotbeds of freedom, filled with like-minded people who generally wish to be left alone by the State and do their own thing. 'Liberty Centers' thrived. I'm sure you've enjo the black markets on those planets. I nodded. Indeed, I thought. The black market on New Texas is outstanding. You'll have noticed all the black markets on those planets are on University land. I hadn't thought about it, but now that he said it I knew he was right. The State has no authority there, and the University turns a blind eye to things the State may otherwise sanction. So the arts, literature, and music flourish in the Universities. You'll notice books, paintings, music ... all those things are available in the black market that aren't for sale elsewhere because they're prohibited by the State. Intellectual discoveries, research, pure science ... all these also take place in the Universities, out from under the glare of State bureaucrats. As for